We offer a broad range of tax and accounting services. Details of many of those services are listed below. This is by far not all of the services we can provide, but gives you a better idea of what Ashworth & Levinge can do for you! Please contact us with any questions about how we can help you and your business succeed.

Income Tax Preparation:
We offer Personal, Small Business, Corporate, and Non-Profit Income Tax Preparation. By being available year round there is always someone ready to help with your questions and concerns!

We offer General Ledger Write-up, Financial Statements, Asset Management, and more. Your company can receive monthly, quarterly, or yearly financial information to help you better plan and run your business!

We offer various payroll services. You can have your checks printed at this office and delivered to you, or you can have them faxed or emailed to you! You can also choose to have this office enter your payroll information after the fact just to keep track of your payroll information for reporting purposes. Included in your payroll service will be quarterly and yearly payroll tax reporting. This office can pay your tax liability payments online so that you never need to worry about late penalties! At the end of each year you will be provided with your employee W-2 forms to be given to each employee in a timely manner.

Business Entity Setup:
The idea of starting a new business can be scary. Holly and Pat are here to sit down with you and discuss which entity is right for your situation. Once that has been decided, we will complete all necessary state and federal filing requirements so that you can concentrate on running your business!

Year End 1099 Reporting:
We can print and file your year end 1099 reports for all sub-contractors you might have. You provide the information to this office and you will receive the completed forms in a timely manner.

Sales Tax Reporting:
We can complete your monthly, quarterly, or yearly sales tax reports for you. Once you have given your sales figures to this office a report will be completed for you. This office can also file the necessary report and payment online when required! Never worry about paying your sales tax liability late or receiving late penalties as long as figures are received in this office on time.

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